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Preserved citrus, elderflower, subtle tropical fruit and a touch of Jalapeño create enticing aromatics. Beautiful intensity of flavour from start to finish, with crisp and juicy minerality threaded together with a fine line of texture.




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After the hard work was done in the vineyard this season, the fine weather in March allowed us to pick excellent fruit. Individual vineyards and blocks were kept as separate as possible in the winery. The juice was split quickly from the skins and lightly clarified before a low-and-slow fermentation.


There is a quiet air of confidence around the quality of the 2023 wines. Yields were 5% down on average, which is always a trigger for increased quality - if you had the nerve to hang fruit for ripeness rather than just ‘getting it in…’. Up until a certain point in the season,
Mother Nature did her best to keep us guessing how harvest might play out. We had more Growing Degree Days than ’20, ’21 and ’22, but also more rainfall in the earlier part of the season from September – December than the past three years. Vine growth and ripening was delayed by almost two weeks, and it was the latest start date in almost a decade as we started harvest on the 23rd of March. The majority of Sauvignon was harvested in April which hasn’t happened in many moons. With the extra time on the vine and clear skies through harvest, fruit was clean, brilliantly ripe with excellent fruit depth and minerality to match.